RIGAS ENGINEERING originates from E. RIGAS SA which was established in 1961 and began networking in the market of chemicals and mechanical equipment mainly in Europe. The goal was to create a powerful and technologically advance base, that would help to the foundation of the Greek industry, through the transfer of valuable European know-how and funds, so that the market would start opening up to new Greek efforts.


In the first years the company works clearly as a specialized “engineering” research office for integrated industrial units of polymer applications. The company expands rapidly, overtaking the representation of famous foreign producers of polymers processing machinery, peripheral equipment and raw materials for all the fields of application of chemicals, polymers, rubber and pharmaceutical systems.


In 2007, RIGAS ENGINEERING became an independent company with its own management and personnel. As an independent company with valuable engineering experience it operates in accordance with internationality acceptable standards and practices.



With a dynamic presence in Greece and Cyprus we offer the most effective project solutions that add value, reduce costs, maintain quality and respect critical project milestones.




1979: The first production plant of syringes consists of two parts in Greece having special license from IAEA Canada to use cobalt.

1983: Installation of a full automated plant for producing parenteral solutions and infusion bottles (terminally sterilized).

1987: The first plant for producing CDs

1992: The first 3-layer stretch blow molding machines installed changing the traditional packaging from PVC bottles to PET bottles for edible oil.

1995: The first plant for CD glass mastering

2002: Started to produce flat composite Aluminum sheet panels with LDPE in the middle.

2003: The first CLEAN ROOM EXECUTION injection hydraulic machine for production of pharmaceutical articles.

2004: The first CLEAN ROOM EXECUTION full electric injection machine for production of pharmaceutical articles.

2006: The first multilayer cast film line for stretch wrap film production.

2008: Established the most environmental friendly plant with CO2 technology for physical foaming for production of EPS foam sheets.